Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LOUD 09!

LOUD 09 this year was fantastic experience for me and a few of my friends . I arrived at Dream Center around 3,30 and its already full of helpers and logistic team members everywhere make last minutes arrangements , it was a very great feeling seeing those people helping out it really gives a thrilling excitment to my heart . Before LOUD 09 I pray that it would be a successful event and it would have a great weather and it did praise GOD! There were already workers getting ready the foosball table that was prepared by the church . People already start gathering to have a chance to play such a smooth and slik table . It was already 4 . 30 when people start flowing into Dream Center , I could many people dressing in their bestest to show off and to watch a amazing show . Soon my band and I went to the sports center to get prepare for our indie band performance , we went to set-up our equipments and Thaddeus the DJ mixer guy was there helping us for our sound check . There were really no thecnical problems during sound check thank GOD. 5 o 'clock came and people were all very exicted until I could hear people screaming all . My band was seppouse to perform at 5.15 but some how we endded performing at 5.20 , I could see Robin the organizes for the outdoor events all covered with sweat. My band started our introduction and proceded with our songs , I won't go home without you - maroon 5 , dance dance - fall out boy and dare you to move - switch foot . Then after our songs i can hear people cheering for us =D . Next I went to the auditorium for a short breifing and prayer by the performers , during the praying session I could really feel the presecents for GOD flow through the auditorium . Junk yard members we back stage waitning for the 15 minutes count done to be over, after 15 minutes we peep though the small hole and we very all overwhelmed with the amount of people that came , we started to get abit nervous. After the introduction video was done we began walking from backstage and we could see the crowd cheering and taking photos . We play all our roles like we were seppouse to and everything went smoothly . The cheer team came out next with their awesome cheer moves . Real Ink Crew came after that , their dance moves was creative and super geng! Then the mc which was Li Oi and Stephanie came out and did some introduction and ice breaker .Project Gsus also gave their bestest proformance , it really got the crowd moving and hyped out . Followed by Moks's awesome preaching , though I was in the changing room I could feel the message he was trying to give . The altar call came and I saw many many many youths giving up their lives for JESUS and I was really glad that some of my friends were there to . The finalae was kinda grand with the songs and balloon , the performers were also invited back on stage to dance around and stuff and LOUD 09 ended but I am really looking foward for LOUD 10! I dont know whats going to come but I am pretty sure its going to impact the youths! Oh and here are some of the pic of LOUD 09!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Many days of not blogging

Yellow people , sorry I dint blog for like 5 days , I was busy =D . Well anyway I just got back from TWILIGHT!!!! I know it sounds stupid for some people , but actually the move is quite cool =D , vampire and running around super fast haha , but I googled "cold one" but I cant find anything except stupid stuff , ugh =( . Anyways if I was a movie critic I would give a 4 outta 5 , why? because in the movie vampire were visible through reflection and they had shinny skin and it needs more action and kissing parts =D . And thanks to Dang for the free tickets and pop corn and drinks he got some how he got . My wife's coming before Christmas yeah!!! cant wait to "play with her" . So ya LIGHTS OUT!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ashley's party

Hey , yesterday I went to Ashley's party it was quite fun , me , Dang , Ashley , Wei Shen , Sarah , Ameer , Li Jee , and Jing went . First I came around 1.30 and meet Ashley and Wei Shen , then we walked around for a little while until they want to go shopping so I had to not follow them . So there I was stranded in Sunway with no where to go and nothing to d =( , I walked in circles a lot a lot of time just to past time and stuff . Then later Sarah came and Ashley and Wei Shen finished their shopping , so we meet at mcd . When we got there the rest of the guys were there and our so called party started , the guy ate mcd while Sarah and Wei Shen went somewhere leaving Ashley alone with us .After eating we went to ice skate , a few of us were like how to to ice skate and those who know how to ice skate laughed at them, hahaha . We skated for 4 hours but not straight , we skated for 2 hours and rest and skated again . Jing like droped 20 times -.- what a noob hahah . Then after skating we chilled at mcd while the girls went to buy some hat . After they bought their hat Wei Shen had to went home , so we followed her like some stalkers to the taxi stand till her dad comes . While waiting I spotted something wrong with Jing's jeans , its was like danggelywent to the arcade to play some dytona =D . Dang owned the most , but I owned some and Sern got owned haha .After dytona we went to pizza hut to have dinner , Ashley balanja-ed =D . We dytona-ed again after dinner haha.Then I had to go home so ya =( . It was quite a fun day . Anyways I gotta go folks need to sleep , Bye =)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finding Jobs

Yo my peeps , dont think finding a part time job is easy . Its FREAKING hard for my age , well maybe not your age but mine . Yesterday I went to Curve to find for a part time job with my friend Aaron . We search for a part time job form 14 shops and only 8 were interested so we gave you details and stuff . Then later on we went to meet up with Aaron's friend and they sisha and blah blah , we got back around 11 thanks to Aaron's firend's dad , ya ciao people I am gona sleep now , too tired =D

Monday, November 17, 2008

I am Back with more blogging

YO people , I am back with more blogging . Well sorry I dint blog for few days already thanks to my noobie internet -.- . I went to tution this morning , in the afternoon I wanted to get my hair cut but the freaking shop was closed =( Then I found out my nerdy cousin from Johor Bharu came to my house , I dint talked much to him coz he was all reading his comic books . Later on I snoozed out in the whole afternoon . Yea so thats how my day went , boring much -.- Anyway Ciao man =D

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ashley's 14 birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY . May all your wishes come true =D .Well even though only known you since middle of the year on the inter house basketball thingy haha =) but it feels that I have already known you for a long time . Hope you and Li Jee have a great time spending time with each other , but dont get too naughty I dont wanna see you ending up like Pn . Wan's big stomach =D

Thursday, November 13, 2008

PIctures of the last day of school

Adam and E-way

Blur me
Dang again
Me punya seksi back =D
E-way's rabbit face
Pn . Wan =D
Look at her preganante stomatch
Dang's shit face

Adam telling something stupid
Time to go black and white
Promoting Eclipse
8 zai meting
Me and Sern , Hope you can see the diffrence
8 zai 's last 2008 meting in school

Well mini me's here are the pictures of last day of 2008 . Today I had a so called party in ou , me , Dang, Craig, E-way, Sen , Ameer , Li Jee ,Zian and Sarah went . Me , Dang and Craig went earlyerr . We played 2 rounds of dytona there(I owned Craig =D) Then we waited for the rest to come , while waiting we bought tickets for 007 =) and I pierced both of my ears!!! wooooo , well it look cool on me =D. Then the rest came around 3 and the movie starts at 4 , so we chilled and played dytona again O.o During the show Zain and Sarah had to ditch the movie to watch some other movie . Then after both of our movie we went to Nandos and had our dinner , Jing and E-way were spitting ice through a straw at everyone -.- and doing some childish things there . Then I had to ciao so ya . Tomorrow is a new day to joke around so I am gona joke =D !! Ciao mini me's