Thursday, November 27, 2008

Many days of not blogging

Yellow people , sorry I dint blog for like 5 days , I was busy =D . Well anyway I just got back from TWILIGHT!!!! I know it sounds stupid for some people , but actually the move is quite cool =D , vampire and running around super fast haha , but I googled "cold one" but I cant find anything except stupid stuff , ugh =( . Anyways if I was a movie critic I would give a 4 outta 5 , why? because in the movie vampire were visible through reflection and they had shinny skin and it needs more action and kissing parts =D . And thanks to Dang for the free tickets and pop corn and drinks he got some how he got . My wife's coming before Christmas yeah!!! cant wait to "play with her" . So ya LIGHTS OUT!!!!

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