Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ashley's party

Hey , yesterday I went to Ashley's party it was quite fun , me , Dang , Ashley , Wei Shen , Sarah , Ameer , Li Jee , and Jing went . First I came around 1.30 and meet Ashley and Wei Shen , then we walked around for a little while until they want to go shopping so I had to not follow them . So there I was stranded in Sunway with no where to go and nothing to d =( , I walked in circles a lot a lot of time just to past time and stuff . Then later Sarah came and Ashley and Wei Shen finished their shopping , so we meet at mcd . When we got there the rest of the guys were there and our so called party started , the guy ate mcd while Sarah and Wei Shen went somewhere leaving Ashley alone with us .After eating we went to ice skate , a few of us were like how to to ice skate and those who know how to ice skate laughed at them, hahaha . We skated for 4 hours but not straight , we skated for 2 hours and rest and skated again . Jing like droped 20 times -.- what a noob hahah . Then after skating we chilled at mcd while the girls went to buy some hat . After they bought their hat Wei Shen had to went home , so we followed her like some stalkers to the taxi stand till her dad comes . While waiting I spotted something wrong with Jing's jeans , its was like danggelywent to the arcade to play some dytona =D . Dang owned the most , but I owned some and Sern got owned haha .After dytona we went to pizza hut to have dinner , Ashley balanja-ed =D . We dytona-ed again after dinner haha.Then I had to go home so ya =( . It was quite a fun day . Anyways I gotta go folks need to sleep , Bye =)

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