Thursday, November 13, 2008

PIctures of the last day of school

Adam and E-way

Blur me
Dang again
Me punya seksi back =D
E-way's rabbit face
Pn . Wan =D
Look at her preganante stomatch
Dang's shit face

Adam telling something stupid
Time to go black and white
Promoting Eclipse
8 zai meting
Me and Sern , Hope you can see the diffrence
8 zai 's last 2008 meting in school

Well mini me's here are the pictures of last day of 2008 . Today I had a so called party in ou , me , Dang, Craig, E-way, Sen , Ameer , Li Jee ,Zian and Sarah went . Me , Dang and Craig went earlyerr . We played 2 rounds of dytona there(I owned Craig =D) Then we waited for the rest to come , while waiting we bought tickets for 007 =) and I pierced both of my ears!!! wooooo , well it look cool on me =D. Then the rest came around 3 and the movie starts at 4 , so we chilled and played dytona again O.o During the show Zain and Sarah had to ditch the movie to watch some other movie . Then after both of our movie we went to Nandos and had our dinner , Jing and E-way were spitting ice through a straw at everyone -.- and doing some childish things there . Then I had to ciao so ya . Tomorrow is a new day to joke around so I am gona joke =D !! Ciao mini me's

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